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Leanne Dyck has a supportive on-line community of over 14,000 members and her blog has recieved over 305,000 page views. Leanne is writing short story collections for adutls, a novel for young adults and picture books for children.

From 2006 to 2009, as an indie author, Leanne published a mystery (print and e-book) and a short story collection (audio book). Since 2011 , Leanne has been published in four magazines (Kaleidoscope, Canadian Stories, Icelandic Connection, Island Gals)and in four anthologies ( My Gustsy Story, From the Heart, Figures in the Mist, In the Moment ).


For Leanne's complete publishing history, visit her blog's 'publishing history' page http://authorleannedyck.blogspot.ca/



The most popular short story published on my blog in 2017:  Star by Leanne Dyck

(inspired by my experiences as a dyslexic student in Elementary School)


I slip the yellow pencil between my thumb and index finger and coil my hand into a tight fist.

"Print your name in the right-hand corner," the teacher says.

My right hand is...? No, this one.

I push the tip of the pencil into the paper, carve an 'L", then a 'Y', then an 'N' and then I run out of room. I turn the paper sideways and add an 'I' and a 'D'.

That's wrong.

I set the pencil on the desk and pick up the eraser. I press down hard and swing my arm back and forth, back and forth. The marks are still there. I flip the paper over. This time I make the letters smaller but my name still doesn't fit. The eraser bites a hole in the paper.

"Now draw a line connecting the dots," the teacher says.

What dots?

My best friend--Little Miss Pretty Face--connects dot after dot and draws a star. I look down at my paper--the gray smudges, the hole.


"Please bring your papers to my desk," the teacher says.

No! I can't show My Teacher this. My stomach becomes a solid rock.

My friend looks from her work to mine. "I'll take our papers to the teacher." She covers my mistake with her star.


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