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Leanne Dyck has a supportive on-line community of over7,500 members. Her blog (created on October 10, 2010) has recieved over 267,000 page views. Leanne is writing short story collections for adutls, a novel for young adults and picture books for children.

From 2006 to 2009, as an indie author, Leanne published a mystery (print and e-book) and a short story collection (audio book). Since 2011 , Leanne has been published in four magazines (Kaleidoscope, Canadian Stories, Icelandic Connection, Island Gals)and in four anthologies ( My Gustsy Story, From the Heart, Figures in the Mist, In the Moment ).


For Leanne's complete publishing history, visit her blog's 'publishing history' page http://authorleannedyck.blogspot.ca/


A Servant's Life

(a short story by Leanne Dyck)

I work from home, so some might think that I'm my own boss--but they'd be wrong. I'm just a servant.

Let me tell you how I woke up this morning. There was a stampede right outside my bedroom door. This pounding of paws was accompanied by a siren. Merow. Meow. Merow. Meow.

My alarm clock confirmed what I had suspected.

"It's too early!" I roared.

But I'm merely a humble servant. Four paws--two on my chest, two on my stomach--persuaded me to get up. I swung my legs off my bed and my big toe hit something furry. It was a mouse--headless, but otherwise in tact.

Down the hall to get my garden gloves, back to my bedroom to collect my gift--the dead mouse--back down the hall to take it outside, all the while skirting my cats' paws, tails and heads. I swear sometimes they want to trip and kill their human. I'm not sure why. Perhaps they dream of replacing me with a newer model--one that springs out of bed early in the morning.

The door knob felt loose and heavy in my hand. I failed to note the significance of this, stepped out onto the porch, closed the door and the door knob fell into my hand. Door knob in one hand; dead mouse in the other.

"I can't use that door and the front door's locked," I muttered under my breath, as I took the mouse to the tall grass.

I keep a window open so my masters--the cats--can come and go as they please. They circled around me, jumped insde and started to howl. And I knew what they were saying, Come inside, you silly human. It's breakfast time.

As I pulled my left leg through the window, I saw my neighbour out of the corner of my eye.

"Good morning, Leanne," she said.

I answered, "Meow"--because at that point it seemed like the most appropriate thing to say.


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